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Here's your one-stop shop for all the games and fun you can imagine! Feel like testing your mental skills? How about having a laugh at some jokes? Or why not have a go at our arcade games - Space Invaders, Ghost Man, Gems Swap 2 or Montris? Plus, you can visit the Website of the Week links that we've featured on the front page! 

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What do YOU know about books...and Darebin Libraries?      

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Quiz, Quiz, Quiz!

Puzzle over pirates!

Olympic Facts Challenge!

 Music is marvellous!

Super Sally Rippin!

Fantastic Foreign Festivals!

Take your mind for a trip!

Reckon you know Roald?

 Try a Tricky Terry Test!

 Where in the world is Drakis?

Test your Leigh Hobbs knowledge!

 Book Week 2011

 Back in Time Quiz!

 Drakis's Magic and Monsters Quiz

 Zed-X's Galactic Brain Bender

 Swift's Sea Quiz

 Kilimanjaro's Go Wild! Quiz

 What do you know...about Phil Kettle?

 All About Seuss!



Have a very Sponge Club Christmas!

Busting to learn about World Toilet Day?

It's Tricky - April Fool's Day Fun!  

The Low-down on Language!

Captain Underpants Competition Winners!  

Celebrate National Buddy Day - Friday 7th June 2013!

     Off Your Tree! - National Tree Day Sunday 28th July!